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How do I add photos to my Photo Gallery and my Bookings?

Our new website and app have some great new features to display the amazing photos of you and your furry friends. 

Pet Sitters who have lots of photos in their Mad Paws gallery tend to get more booking requests! How great does it look when a profile has lots of photos of furry friends?! 

To add Photos to your Mad Paws Gallery:

To add photos or remove photos from your profile follow these steps:

1. Click on the Profile tab once you have logged into your Mad Paws account.

2. Now click on Photo Gallery on the left hand side of the screen. You will now be able to see any photos which have previously been uploaded to your profile.

3. To add photos, simply click on the "plus" symbol.

4. To remove any photos, click on the photo you'd like to delete. Then in the bottom right of the image is a button which says Delete. Just click this and it will remove the photo.


To add photos to a booking:

1. Go to the Bookings tab in your Mad Paws account.

2. Click on the relevant booking that you'd like to add photos to. 

3. The Booking Details Panel will appear, in the top right hand corner, click on Photos.

4. Click on the "plus" symbol and you will be able to add photos from the booking. 

Adding photos for each booking is something that we love and really encourage. Pet Owners who are browsing your Pet Sitter profile can also see these with the review for the booking. So it's a great idea to add lots of photos to show what an amazing job you did! They will be more likely to book you if they can see that you provided an excellent service, a photo speaks a thousand words!

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