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How can I add my pet to my profile?

There are two ways to add a pet on the Mad Paws website:

1. Add a Pet on your Account Overview.

Adding a pet on your Dashboard is the best way to add a pet. It allows you to enter the most details about your furry friend, and even add photos. Instructions on how to add a pet can be found below:

1a. Log into the Mad Paws website, then visit Account, then Overview

1b. Click on the Add Pet button under the Your Pets section of your Profile

1c. Add your pet's essential details

1d. Click Save Pet at the bottom of the screen.

2. Add a Pet while Booking a Sitter.

You can also add your pet when sending a booking request to a Pet Sitter. This speeds up the process, however this may mean you will have to clarify a few pet details with your Sitter. Instructions on how to add a pet during the booking process can be found below:

2a. Find your purrfect Sitter on the website

2b. Click Contact Sitter on the right hand side of their profile page

2c. In Section 2 - Select Your Pets - you will be able to Add a Pet. Note you fill in fewer details here than if you add a pet in your Account overview. 

2d. Complete the details then click Add Pet.

You have now added your basic pet details! You can update these details by heading to the Your Pets section on your Account Overview.

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